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Make Changes to Software With Feature Requests

by SalesPad on November 13, 2014

workflow rules - sequence matters-1.jpg

Anyone who uses software on a daily basis can probably give you a list of "features" that frustrate them.

I use a variety of different programs throughout the day, and I have complaints about nearly all of them, whether it's something as simple as an unnecessary click or a frustrating process that desperately needs to be simplified.

Regardless of what annoys and frustrates you, the purpose of software is to make our life easier and more efficient.

All too often we don't send feedback or request changes to enhance the software we use.

As a software developer, I work on specific areas of SalesPad software. Occasionally, I'll discover areas of the product that could be improved as I work and make a case to change these for the better. The problem is that developers are not going to find all of the headaches within their software.

If you find something that you believe could be improved or simplified, you have the power to change that.

You have two options for making changes within the software: a feature request and custom.

A feature request is a way for users to give input on or request the addition of specific processes/functionality within the software. It is important to note that feature requests may or may not be implemented, as they may not make sense in the software or it simply may not be possible to make the requested change(s).

If time is limited and you absolutely need a change, custom is the way to go. Going the custom route with SalesPad Innovates allows you to request that we build or change functionality specifically for you.

So, I challenge you, SalesPad users, to be proactive and share your ideas in an effort to simplify and streamline your SalesPad experience!

If you have ideas on how to make your everyday processes in our software better, submit a feature request or a customization request. Best-case scenario, we agree that your idea improves the software and we decide to implement your idea;  the masses rejoice and all is good in the world. At the very least, you will get an idea of what it might cost to save a few headaches, streamline a business process, and possibly increase efficiency.

Nick Implom