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How to Choose the Right Mobile Software

by salespad on June 13, 2017

Pick a software, any software. Wouldn’t it be nice to use it on the go? Whether you are being pulled into meetings, traveling to a conference, or simply managing a business, staying efficient and connected with your business is important to you. In a fast-paced society, visibility and flexibility are essential factors in running a successful company. It can be a challenge to maintain these factors, plus stay connected to the office, when you are constantly on the move. Going mobile encompasses more than simply harnessing the capabilities of your smartphone; mobile devices include your laptop and tablet as well. Going mobile means having access to what’s important from anywhere.

 But first:

Before any decision is made regarding mobile, first ask yourself what software will take your company to the next level. You must consider the impact each software will have on your business, and how it will add value to your work. Once you know the answer to this all-important question, you’ll be able to decide if mobile is on the list of your priorities.

According to a comScore Report, the number of mobile users surpassed desktop users in early 2015. In 2014, the percentage of desktop users went from 19.1% to 10.6% in the matter of only a year. By 2015, the number of mobile users had risen to 11.3%. This demonstrates why it is imperative to consider incorporating a mobile software into your business. As the future moves towards mobile, your business must too if, in fact, mobile does matter to your business.

SalesPad Mobile for Business.jpg




Business decisions require a great deal of critical thinking and the utilization of insider knowledge. Do you need to manage sales, view reports, approve work, or connect with clients? If so, you should look at software that will allow you to have visibility and flexibility within your business. Once you’ve identified a candidate, ask yourself, “Will this mobile business software allow you to do those things, and do them well?”

Being able to understand your specific business needs will help you when choosing the right mobile business software for you and your business. Understanding where your needs are when out in the field, and knowing what is needed in order to effectively complete your job, will better assist you in your decision making process.


Sales are what will keep your company moving and growing, therefore, your chosen mobile software should have the capabilities to allow sales representatives to close deals and make these crucial sales. Being able to make these customer connections from anywhere and at anytime will not only give your business a competitive edge, but it will also allow you expand your customer reach.

Sales reps are constantly traveling from conference to conference, meeting with prospect customers, and working from the road. A mobile tool can improve that process for them and help them make more sales, no matter where they are.


Does the tool you are considering allow you to have visibility while riding in the elevator? How about during that meeting with a client whose building has walls like a military bunker? Busy people don’t have time for dead zones. Choosing an option that has an offline mode, and that can save data until you reconnect, is an important option for many when choosing a mobile software.  


When working with different software in business, you run into standardization issues that can sometimes alter your company goals. It’s a big problem when you cannot carry out business processes and decisions due to standardization constraints. This brings us to our next point: does the mobile technology you are considering allow for customization?

 The ability to customize the softwares you are using will not only help you make better business decisions, but it will also help you create better customer experiences. Customization provides the opportunity to combine important data with the tools needed to execute business processes, resulting in fewer worries for you.  Want to learn more?  Check out what Ferris Coffee did with customizations


Don’t forget that mobile can mean more than just your smartphone, it encompasses tablets and laptops as well. Remember that not all softwares will do everything well, and that there are also important factors such as where it is hosted (e.g. in the cloud) and what platforms are supported (e.g. Android or iOS). A thorough understanding of your needs and of what the mobile software you’re considering is capable of will help you make the best decision when choosing which tool is right for you.

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